Cyclist Safety

The organizers of the Z Tour Bike Ride are stressing that ALL PARTICIPANTS must follow the regular rules of cycling when they take part in the event. “When cyclists don’t follow the rules, it puts all cycling and silent sport events at risk”, says ride coordinator Brian Church. “To continue to grow support for these and other events that share public roadways, it’s crucial that cyclists ride safely, wisely, and share the road with motorists.”

  1. Cyclists have the same rights as motorists and must follow the rules applicable to motorists.
  2. Cyclists must stop at ALL STOP SIGNS on the route.
  3. Be predictable! Let other users know where you intend to go and maintain an understood course.
  4. Bike helmets are required to be worn at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. While all routes have been designed to avoid high traffic areas, the routes will not be closed to vehicle traffic. All cyclists must stop at stop signs, observe right of way rules, obey traffic signals, and follow other laws governing traffic flow.
  6. While on occasion you may ride two abreast, please ride single file on the right side of the road. PLEASE AVOID DRIFTING TOWARDS THE CENTER LINE.
  7. All routes will follow regular state, county, township, and local roadways and are used by automobiles, trucks, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, and farm machinery; they have no special provisions for bicyclists.
  8. Cyclists participating in the Z Tour Bike Ride, using the map and marked route, assume the responsibilities and risks for their own safety when cycling.
  9. The Z Tour Bike Ride is a recreational ride and is NOT a race. Keep this in mind as you participate in our event.

SAG SUPPORT DISPATCH – Call the EMA Mobile Command Center – 815-876-0316 EMERGENCY – Call 911

Bike Safety Quiz

This past June, the Ride Illinois launched, an interactive resource with brief but thorough quiz-based lessons – one each for Adult Bicyclists, Child Bicyclists, and Motorists. The content, approved by the Secretary of State’s Office, covers relevant state laws, safety techniques and how to avoid common crash types. The Ride Illinois has started working with bike shops, bike clubs, driver’s education instructors, towns, schools, police and others to promote its use. If you have not seen it yet, check it out and take the quiz today! For those who complete the quiz, a “Certificate of Completion” can be printed out.

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