April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Statement

The Z Tour team wants to address your concerns and questions directly about our plans as they pertain to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your health and safety are our greatest concern.

We’ve had an initial conversation with the Illinois Department of Public Health and at this time, we are proceeding with plans to host our 10th annual Z Tour Ride on July 18, 2020. That said, we will continue to work closely with the IDPH, local government bodies, and community health officials to ensure we are taking the proper precautions and making decisions that are in the best interest of our riders, communities, and volunteers.

We have extended our pre-registration deadline and refund deadline to midnight July 01, 2020. 

We will continue to keep a close eye on the developments as they pertain to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and will communicate with all impacted parties should any of our plans or timeline change. Again, the wellbeing of all parties involved with this event is our utmost concern.

Please direct any questions to Lauren W, ZCEC Director at

On behalf of the Z Tour committee, thank you;

Bill Schnabel, Z Tour director 2020

March 25, 2020

End of March Tune-Up Time

It may not seem like it but the riding season is just around the corner. Late March will offer some early riding opportunities and you will want your bike to be ready! While it might not be possible to get your bike to a shop just now, here are some key points to consider for getting your riding season off to a great start:

Is the drive train in good order? Is the chain clean and well lubed and are the gears and sprockets in good working order?

Are the tires useable and safe: Check the tread for worn and thin spots.  Look at the sidewalls for cracks, sun damage, or dry rot. If any problems are seen, replace the tires and tubes.

Check the brakes. Do both front and back brakes work? Do both pads on the front and back grab the rim of the tire? Do they squeak when stopping?

And finally, inspect the cables for shifting and braking. Are there any frayed ends on any cables? This might require a shop visit or a shout out to a biking buddy. But do check them… brakes are a good thing to have, at times.

With a few simple tools and access to YouTube, you can order the parts online and do much of the routine maintenance at home yourself.

Don’t miss these first opportunities to get out and get rolling! It’ll be great for your psyche and your immune system! Get rolling and get registered for the Z Tour!

We are hoping to see you in Princeton on the third weekend in July for the annual Z Tour weekend! I’m Bill Schnabel, director of this year’s Z Tour, and I approve this message.

March 21, 2020

Social Distancing With Your Bike

When so much of the news is negative or about gearing down and closing, now is actually a good time to gear up–and open up–to getting outside and social distancing.

March 20, 2020

Announcing this year’s Adventure Route!

Not for the faint of heart, for the daredevil set, when a plain old metric just isn’t enough… Any of these would describe the Z-tour’s newest adventure route. This challenging 66-mile route features a variety of surfaces and tests of a rider’s skill set. From a gnarly gravel climb, to twists and course changes, to muddy canal path sections, this route has what normal metric centuries do not. Be advised, the route offers a premium of challenges but a minimum of support and “easy out” options. Have your bike set up, your bike handling skills tuned up, and your body geared up for this change of pace route!

Check it out at this link:

March 3, 2020

Ton’s O Fun Band to play Friday Night before Z Tour

Come “Down on Main” to the Z-tour’s fun early check-in Friday night and get the bonus of a fantastic street concert, great food and drinks, and a friendly hometown crowd.

February 27, 2020

It’s For The Kids!

Our latest video below highlights the reason we do the Z Tour Bike Ride every year! It’s for the kids!

25% of our population is 100% the future. Every dollar from our ride goes back to the Zearing Child Enrichment Center.

February 25, 2020

New Routes for 2020!

We have made several exciting modifications to our five route options to best serve riders of all caliber and ability level this year. Special thanks to Princeton’s street department for their continued cooperation with the event. All routes, besides the 10 miler, will wind through beautiful sections of historic Princeton and swing by our benefactor organization, the Zearing Child Enrichment Center. Riders are invited to visit our many fine shops and restaurants on historic Main Street after the ride.

Visit for more information.

February 16, 2020

Registration for 2020 begins today!

The 10th Annual Z Tour Bike Ride is a charity road ride, supporting the Zearing Child Enrichment Center in Princeton, which provides riders a chance to enjoy some of the finest bike riding roads that North-Central Illinois has to offer. The five well marked and supported routes featured incorporate hills, rolling terrain, and beautiful views of Bureau Creek and the Hennepin Canal all with minimal traffic. 

Get more information for this great ride held in Princeton, Illinois online at Early check-in is offered on Friday night’s “Down on Main Street” live concert Friday evening featuring the band Tons-O-Fun. Enjoy live music, food vendors and drinks as you check in for the ride. Merchandise pick-up and sales are also available during these times.

Back by popular demand is the Group Registration Option- Me + 3 = 

  • 1 Leader should create a catchy group name
  • Each individual should register under that catchy name
  • At least 4 riders in a group
  • Receive (1) $25.00 in Chamber Bucks to spend at Princeton businesses OR $25.00 on select Z Tour Merchandise! 

Register your group today and join the Z Tour and city of Princeton for all the fun starting Friday evening at 5:00 pm. 

  • Easy and really fast check-in opening at 5:45 am.
  • Detailed maps and cue for our five road routes
  • Five themed rest stops supplied with nutritional food, beverages, and music. 10-mile with an optional hill challenge, 30-mile, 55-mile, 75 mile, and 100 mile. 
  • Camping options at the Bureau County Fairgrouns (nominal fee).
  • Radio-dispatched SAG and support by the Bureau Countu EMA until 3:00 pm
  • Light breakfast offered from 6:00-9:00 am at Zearing Park
  • Post-ride meal served from 10:30-4:00 pm at Zearing Park
  • All 55, 75, and 100 Mile riders MUST start between 6:00-8:00 AM. Helmets required!
  • 30 Mile riders MUST leave between 6:00-9:00 AM. Helmets required!
  • 10 Mile riders MUST leave between 9:00-9:30 AM. Helmets required!
  • All routes begin and end at Princeton’s beautiful Zearing Park.
  • Once online registration closes, our fee is $45.00- You will be able to register Friday night at the Down On Main Street Concert from 5:00-8:00 PM in the Prouty Building on Main Street OR on Saturday morning beginning at 5:45 AM at Zearing Park. 

Download the Ride with GPS app. Some routes subject to change closer to the ride date. 

July 17, 2019

Download the Ready Bureau App

ZTour Riders: Make sure you download the Ready Bureau App. The Ready Bureau App gives you access to emergency numbers, weather conditions, maps, etc. You can also call 815-876-0316 for help during the ride.

July 15, 2019

Bike Decorating Contest Voting Underway

The 2nd Annual Bike Decoration Contest voting is now underway! Select your favorite and hit submit, it is that easy! Winner will be announced at the Mike & Joe concert on Main Street, Princeton on Friday night Thank you to everyone who supports ZCEC, the Z Tour Bike Ride, and the City of Princeton. You can vote here:

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