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June 14, 2023

(GASP) You haven’t signed up for the Z Tour Bike Ride yet?! 

Not trying to be dramatic or anything, but you are not going to want to miss this event! 

This year’s Z Tour is going on while Princeton’s first annual Bike Fest is happening! Bike Fest is something you do not want to miss out on while you come for our amazing ride! We have several route options with many SAG stops to get nourishment and of course the beloved end of ride meal! We will even have options for massages at the end of your ride! 


Saturday, June 24th
Zearing Park
Princeton, IL 61356

June 20, 2022

What a weekend!

Wow! The weather did not disappoint us for our 2022 10th annual Z Tour Bike Ride! ?

Thank you to all the riders for coming and spending your Saturday with us! ?‍♀️

Thank you to all the volunteers for your hours of time into putting this wonderful event on!??

Thanks to everyone for making this day great! We are so happy we got to have a successful ride after some time off!!

Send us photos if you have any!! ??

Merchandise is still available for purchase on our website! We will be shipping orders out! I will collect our last orders this Friday, June 24th! Once I receive all the items, I will be sure to get the orders sent out as quickly as I can!

June 17, 2022

It’s Not Too Late to Ride With Us!

Get signed up TONIGHT at the Down on Main Street Concert! 5:30-7:30 p.m. or on Saturday morning as early as 5:45 a.m. Registration ends at 8:30 a.m. See you in Princeton, Illinois on Friday night for the street concert and Saturday morning for Z Tour 2022!

June 15, 2022

$40 Registration Ends at Midnight Thursday

The current price for a Z Tour Registration is $40.00. Friday Evening and Saturday Morning Registration prices go up to $45.00!

The forecast is looking great for this weekend. The Routes are all marked and cleared off. SAG stops will be supplied with drinks and snacks. So many fun things to do in town. Several delicious food options in town after the ride available. We look forward to seeing you all! 


June 14, 2022

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Z-Tour Weekend

We use the Dan Henrys marking system here to mark our routes. The routes are beginning to be marked and will be looking lovely before our ride on Saturday, June 18th! 

You can come up Friday night and enjoy the Down On Main Street concert and get yourself checked in early for your early morning start! 

Register TODAY at

SAG stops ,stocked with snacks, water and Gatorade along with water stops to hydrate you along the way! 

Finish your day off with some delicious food in town!

You can get food from La Katrina Autentica food truck that will be parked outside of Barrel Society. Bring your bib along for $1.00 off your first draft beverage!

You can go to Beef and Ag days to get your food and beverages! 

You can even visit any of our local restaurants for a meal and beverage also!

May 20, 2022

Food Truck Announcement

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we do have to cancel the food truck options AT THE PARK. However, do not fear, you can still hit up any amazing restaurant in town or the food at Beef and Ag days. 

We are excited to announce:
La Katrina, one of the food trucks will still be in town parked outside of Barrel Society, a local Bar that serves up some amazing taps, cans, and specialty drinks! Stop by Barrel after the ride WITH YOUR RIDE BIB and get $1.00 off 1 draft beverage! 

We will still have a light breakfast and snacks served throughout the day on your adventures! We look forward to seeing everyone!! Just a month out!! 🙂 Get your tickets at ZTOUR today!!!! 

April 11, 2021

2021 Registration is Live!

We are excited to announce that Z Tour registration for 2021 is now live!

Z Tour Ride 2021, “Virtually Anywhere,” is to support Zearing Child Enrichment Center in Princeton, Illinois. Visit to get more information about the Child Care Program these funds support.

While this ride may look different than years past, we are excited to be able to offer some fun for our riders during these times!

Typically this ride is geared toward bicyclists. However, this year due to covid restrictions, we decided to open this up to all types of adventurers! Pick your distance and get active to show some love for Zearing Child Enrichment Center. Take it outdoors or keep it inside. Run, Walk, Bike, Kayak, or however else you exercise! Get together with a small group (socially distanced of course) or ‘go it alone!’ We have put together 2 different ways you can join us this year!

This year’s event will run between July 1 and July 17th, 2021. We will be featuring routes and distances to travel each weekend between July 1-July 17th. Please feel free to use any of the dates between July 1- July 17th to complete any adventure!

**Although we CANNOT hold our Z Tour Ride due to state mandates for events, if riders choose to come to Princeton the day of the Ride to enjoy the routes we have provided, we welcome you to our town**

1. SHOW AND GO- We know that the beautiful routes are a favorite for our riders, so we have prepared some routes to ride if you choose to come to Princeton, Illinois. You will find these at the links below! At this point, we do not plan to mark or sweep the routes, however, we may be able to provide this as the date gets closer! We will update as we know! Routes can be viewed here:

2. VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE- Ride any distance in your hometown or a favorite spot!

*Routes are subject to change as the date gets closer

*Routes will not be swept, marked, or have SAG support this year- please ride with caution.

2021 Ticket Options can be viewed and purchased here.

2021 Merchandise can be purchased here.

April 1, 2021

April Ride Update

We would like to announce that Z Tour Tickets will be going live SOON! Every ticket purchase receives a T-shirt. Design to be announced when tickets go live!

Z Tour’s Virtually Anywhere Ride is set to take place between July 1st-July 17th. Unfortunately, due to Illinois Department of Health guidelines, we are unable to offer SAG support, meals, and the End of Ride fun we have in previous years.

However, there are different ways you can help support ZCEC and Z Tour with this year’s ride.

Show and Go: Come to Princeton and ride the routes we will have listed when tickets go live. You will find places along the way to stop to refuel yourself. Bring your crew or go it alone!

Virtually: Get on a route close to you or get on a stationary bike and ride! Get a crew together or go it alone! You can choose to ride, walk, run, kayak, or whatever else you enjoy for exercise to support our program this year. We will feature different routes each weekend, but ride when and where you are able to between July 1st and July 17th!

Sponsorship Tickets: Details on this to come when Eventbrite goes live for ticket sales!

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February 25, 2021

We Are Going Virtual for 2021

We are going virtual for 2021! Details coming soon. Ride with us!

May 22, 2020


Riders, supporters, and community members; The Z Tour will be postponed this year. After much deliberation the Z Tour steering committee has determined that postponing this year’s edition of the Z Tour is the safest course of action for all concerned. This was a very difficult decision and we will miss hosting our great rider friends, but health and safety are paramount. The ride will be back on the third weekend of July 2021 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Plans are already in the works. Again, this year’s Z Tour will be postponed until 2021.

In the meantime, we would like to invite riders to enjoy our wonderful Bureau County on an individual basis as each feels comfortable. Bureau County offers some of the most scenic and finest riding conditions in the midwest for any and all riders who would like to get out there and enjoy our beautiful riding here in the Princeton Illinois area. All riders are welcome to freely enjoy our friendly community as they feel safely able and guidelines allow. Watch our website and Facebook posts for suggested routes!

Here at Z tour, we are committed to two consistent goals: supporting the Zearing Child Enrichment Center and providing a ride of the highest quality and safety to you, our loyal cyclists.

So, as promised to our pre-registered participants, if you wish a full refund, we will send it, no questions asked. These are trying times and no one needs an extra hassle. If you would like to donate some, or all, of your registration fee, just let us know and we will make that happen with great appreciation.  Or, you might want to participate in our Super Early Bird Sign Up and use your entry toward next year’s special edition ride.  Again, just let us know and you’re in for 2021. Your satisfaction with the Z Tour experience is our highest priority. You can contact us with your decision at at your earliest convenience.

In the meantime we want you to stay connected with Z Tour and the greater cycling community. We will be posting information concerning our exciting plans for 2021, our fantastic “cycle supportive” community, and helpful hints and links all for your cycling enjoyment. Follow the developments at our web site and on Facebook. Whether you are a repeat rider or first time guest you are now one of the Z Tour community.

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