April 8, 2020

Refund Policy & Dates

Z Tour riders, we understand the uncertainties that we are all feeling at this time, and that pre-registering for an event that might or might not be held will be tough. To do our part to help relieve some small part of the anxiety, we would like to clearly state our new COVID-19 “inspired” refund policy and dates. We hope this will help you feel more confident about committing to the ride and more comfortable registering.

In the event that the Z Tour is postponed or canceled or that any individual cannot attend for any reason, full refunds will be granted to any registered participant if the request is received by midnight on July 1st. Three options will be offered on the registration site for your refund:

A. Full refund to any registered rider (the total of your registration fee is returned, no questions asked)

B. Partial refund with a donation of $10. (the balance of your fee is returned minus a $10 donation to the Zearing Child Enrichment Center)

C. Donation of $10 only. We would gratefully welcome, of course, larger donations and appreciate your support of the children served at the Zearing Child Enrichment Center. Please see our website to make a donation.

D. If you have placed an order for merchandise, and you would like a refund, please email us at ztourinfo@gmail.com in order to begin this process.

Simply click your choice and follow any prompts and the money will move. Thank you.

We hope this solution will help alleviate some of the uncertainty concerning your participation in the event. Set yourself a goal, and register now, without the monetary risk! We want this ride to be one of your best biking experiences, before, during, and after! See you the third weekend in July in beautiful, historic, friendly Princeton, Illinois. Stay safe, stay positive, and stay healthy!

Very sincerely,

Bill Schnabel, Z Tour Director 2020

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