March 25, 2020

End of March Tune-Up Time

It may not seem like it but the riding season is just around the corner. Late March will offer some early riding opportunities and you will want your bike to be ready! While it might not be possible to get your bike to a shop just now, here are some key points to consider for getting your riding season off to a great start:

Is the drive train in good order? Is the chain clean and well lubed and are the gears and sprockets in good working order?

Are the tires useable and safe: Check the tread for worn and thin spots.  Look at the sidewalls for cracks, sun damage, or dry rot. If any problems are seen, replace the tires and tubes.

Check the brakes. Do both front and back brakes work? Do both pads on the front and back grab the rim of the tire? Do they squeak when stopping?

And finally, inspect the cables for shifting and braking. Are there any frayed ends on any cables? This might require a shop visit or a shout out to a biking buddy. But do check them… brakes are a good thing to have, at times.

With a few simple tools and access to YouTube, you can order the parts online and do much of the routine maintenance at home yourself.

Don’t miss these first opportunities to get out and get rolling! It’ll be great for your psyche and your immune system! Get rolling and get registered for the Z Tour!

We are hoping to see you in Princeton on the third weekend in July for the annual Z Tour weekend! I’m Bill Schnabel, director of this year’s Z Tour, and I approve this message.

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