March 21, 2020

Social Distancing With Your Bike

Social distancing. Is that a verb?! Yes indeed!

When so much of the news is negative or about gearing down and closing, now is actually a good time to gear up–and open up–to getting outside and social distancing.

Spring is arriving in many parts of the country and it’s time to saddle up and ride. The health benefits and germ-fighting properties of a good workout are well known. Everything from fresh air to oxygenated blood is beneficial to your body and mind.

Working from home? Take a recess. Go for a brisk walk or jog. Ride your bike. If you remember the guidelines about social distance, you can even enjoy the benefits of exercise with a friend or two!

While social distancing is critical to fighting this newest virus, it doesn’t mean we have to stop moving or living! Get up! Get out! Get yourself and your bike ready for this season. You can improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, refresh your brain, and work toward a goal.

Register today for the 10th anniversary Z-tour on the third Saturday in July. Give yourself a reason and a target… and get out for some social distancing!

I’m Bill Schnabel, director of this year’s Princeton Z-tour and I approve this message.

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