March 3, 2020

Ton’s O Fun Band to play Friday Night before Z Tour

Come “Down on Main” to the Z-tour’s fun early check-in Friday night and get the bonus of a fantastic street concert, great food and drinks, and a friendly hometown crowd.  This year’s concert features Tons O’ Fun Band.  A horn-driven rock band based out of Champaign Urbana. This high energy band has been rocking the midwest for decades and just keeps getting better!

“The Tons ‘O Fun Band (TOFB) is a product of the renowned Champaign-Urbana, Illinois music scene and has been a mainstay for nearly two decades. TOFB fills the stage with nine talented and experienced musicians including a powerful four piece horn section. While the horns give TOFB its distinctive edge, three lead vocalists creates the ability to deliver a wide variety of classics remembered and loved by young and old alike but rarely produced by others.

Tons ‘O Fun is led by trumpeter Steve Shaw, and is fronted by Pauli Carman Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, and Lead vocalist of “Champaign,” which had Top 10 Billboard hits in “How ‘Bout Us”, “Try Again”, and “Off and On Love” each of which were preceded by classic music videos reaching top 5 status across the charts on MTV , Vh1, and BET. Rounding out the horn section is Bill Jean on lead trumpet, Jonathan Becket on Saxes and flute and Matt Flynn on trombone. Friends who have been laying it down together for years, the rhythm section consists of Larry Fredrickson on drums, Scott Karlstrom on bass and Stacey Krejci on keyboards and vocals. Sharing front man duties with Pauli is singer and lead guitarist Joe Ingolia.

TOFB brings its “horn-band” signature sound to venues large and small throughout the Midwest and beyond! This band of brothers has the chops, energy & enthusiasm to truly earn its name Tons O’ Fun!”

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